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signaletic (comparative more signaletic, superlative most signaletic)

  1. (criminology, historical) Related to or involving the Bertillon system of anthropometry.
    • 1996, Louis A. Knafla, Criminal Justice History: An International Annual:
      The wording of the legislation was somewhat open-ended in that it authorized not only the Bertillon signaletic system, but also "any measurements, processes or operations sanctioned by the Governor in Council having the like object in view."
  2. Pertaining to signs or signifiers.
    • 1997, D. N. Rodowick, Gilles Deleuze's Time Machine:
      If the foundation of this semiotic is the forming of movement-images as a signaletic material, what is the logic of this forming?
    • 2010, Deborah Hauptmann, Cognitive Architecture: From Bio-politics to Noo-politics:
      The production of electricity, a silent and 'invisible' production of asignifying signaletic events, cannot be accounted for in these terms.
    • 2012, M. Gail Hamner, Imaging Religion in Film: The Politics of Nostalgia, ISBN 1137013249, page 13:
      The narrative of a film, its spoken and visual language, comes about by an interpreter reacting to the signaletic material in terms of quality and possibility and thereby transforming it in and through linguistic and other modalities. The emphasis on signaletic material gives Deleuze a way to show how a film's signifying effects arise out of a matrix of components that signal signifying capacities without yet tipping into signification.
    • 2013, Felix Guattari & ‎Andrew Goffey, Schizoanalytic Cartographies, ISBN 1441167277, page 89:
      That Flows of energy are intimately mixed with signaletic Flows is an everyday experience (one need only think of the use of bank cards, which trigger the physical effect of distributing money, or the connection with P and T.)