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Apparently from side + goggling, from goggle (to stare at with wide eyes), indicating that something had to be stared at sideways to appear straight. Compare antigoglin.[1]


sigogglin (comparative more sigogglin, superlative most sigogglin)

  1. (US, Appalachia, dated) not built correctly, crooked, skewed, out of balance.


  • Drye, Willie (May 2, 2005), “Appalachians Are Finding Pride in Mountain Twang”, in National Geographic News[1], retrieved 2009-10-06
  1. ^ William Safire, Let a Simile be Your Umbrella (2001, ISBN 0609609475): "The older sense of gogglin' refers to eyes that squint; people who squint don't see things straight. They get things crooked, or antigogglin'."