six foot

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Alternative forms[edit]


  • From the nominal 6 feet between two adjacent railway lines


six foot ‎(uncountable)

  1. (rail transport, colloquial) the area between the closest rails of two parallel standard gauge railway lines, regardless of the actual distance.
    • 1882, George P. Neele, Atlantic and American Notes, M'Corquodale & co., limited, Page 54
      Cattle are of course liable to stray on the line at these level crossings, but to prevent this, barriers are placed on each side of the crossing, and a deep trench is made in the four-foot and six-foot spaces, [...]
    • 1981, Ludovic Henry, Coverly Kennedy, A Book of Raliway Journeys, Fontana, Page 21
      He fell wildly, his head struck the carriage footboard with tremdous force, and he bounded into the six-foot, where he rolled over and over [...]
    • 2007 September 5, Rail Accident Investigation Branch, Rail Accident Report 33/2007: Fatal collision between a Super Voyager train and a car on the line at Copmanthorpe 25 September 2006, Rail Accident Investigation Branch, Deptarment for Transport, Page 20 [1]
      As a result, all three wheelsets derails to the six foot side.

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