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skate +‎ -able


skateable (comparative more skateable, superlative most skateable)

  1. Suitable for skating (or skateboarding) upon.
    • 1919, New York Athletic Club, The Winged Foot
      The lack of skateable ice outdoors also prevented the Club giving its usual set of races to help encourage this sport and keep up interest.
    • 2001, Margaret A Salinger, Dream Catcher: A Memoir
      I thought about the strips of ice, beautiful skateable ice, that emerged from underneath his shovel as he cleared the deep, powdery snow off our pond.
    • 2005, Robert MacNeil, William Cran, Robert McCrum, Do You Speak American?
      When the skaters are out in public, while you guys see it as a curb, stairs, a handrail, a bank, or a ledge, we look at it as, Is it skateable?