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skate +‎ -able


skateable (comparative more skateable, superlative most skateable)

  1. Suitable for skating (or skateboarding) upon.
    • 1919, New York Athletic Club, The Winged Foot:
      The lack of skateable ice outdoors also prevented the Club giving its usual set of races to help encourage this sport and keep up interest.
    • 2001, Margaret A Salinger, Dream Catcher: A Memoir:
      I thought about the strips of ice, beautiful skateable ice, that emerged from underneath his shovel as he cleared the deep, powdery snow off our pond.
    • 2005, Robert MacNeil, William Cran, Robert McCrum, Do You Speak American?
      When the skaters are out in public, while you guys see it as a curb, stairs, a handrail, a bank, or a ledge, we look at it as, Is it skateable?