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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French cedule ( > French cédule), from Late Latin schedula (papyrus strip), diminutive of Latin scheda, from Ancient Greek σχέδη (skhédē, papyrus leaf)


skedule (plural skedules)

  1. Simplified variant of schedule
    • 1935, Friends' Intelligencer, Volume 92, Issues 27-52[1], Digitized edition, Pennsylvania State Univ., published 2010, page 567:
      The United States is the land of "skedule. ... I had only lived under "skedule" once before, and that for a short three weeks in tiny England. Now ... In the States, even a hero nervously clutches his "skedule" to heart or hip, as pockets determine.
    • 1972, Lily Klasner, John Simpson Chisum, My Girlhood Among Outlaws[2], Univ. of Arizona Prss, →ISBN, page 277:
      Chisum says to the Sheriff I can make out a skedule of what I have.
    • 2008, Edward Streeter, Dere Mable[3] (History),, →ISBN, page 6:
      At least theres more work on the skedule.
    • 2009, Lelia Thornton Gentry, Chpt Dar Ga Chpt Da, Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters Daughters of the American Revolution[4], Genealogical Publishing Com, →ISBN, page 165:
      nor has he any income other than that is contained in the skedule here … Skedule of Property …
    • 2011, Ring Lardner, You Know Me All[5], Transactions Publishers, →ISBN, page 71:
      The league has its skedule meeting here to-morrow ...


skedule (third-person singular simple present skedules, present participle skeduleing, simple past and past participle skeduleed)

  1. To plan an activity at a specific date or time in the future.
    • 1994, Black Congressional Monitor, Volumes 8-10[6], Digitized edition, Len Mor Publications, published 2011, page 39:
      The Request for Proposal (RFP) is skeduled for release in mid-July.
    • 1999, Andrew Glassner, Recreational Computer Graphics[7], Morgan Kaufmann, →ISBN, page 245:
      … since my Hairdresser can no longer claim that she was not aware of the Date for our Regularly Skeduled Appointments.




skedule (plural skedules)

  1. Schedule.