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skellington (plural skellingtons)

  1. (nonstandard, childish, dialect or humorous) A skeleton.
    • 1882, John Devenish Hoppus, Riverside papers
      But it were talked on as 'ow 'ee found old Nobes and 'is missus' skellingtons a-sittin' bolt upright in them two chairs, but I doan't know so much 'bout that...
    • 1902, Railway Mission, London, Railway signal: or, Lights along the line
      Mary led the way, muttering as she went, "I thought this was a decent house, but lawks! there's a skellington in every cupboard."
    • 2004, Faith Richardson, Fay Lapka Richardson, Dark Is a Color
      "They were pictures of skellingtons." "Skeletons," I corrected her without thinking.