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From Old Norse skríkja (to scream) or Old English scric, literally "bird with a shrill call," referring to a thrush, possibly imitative of its call. Attested from c 1573.


skrike (third-person singular simple present skrikes, present participle skriking, simple past and past participle skriked)

  1. (UK, regional) To cry out or yell; to scream.


skrike (plural skrikes)

  1. (UK, regional) A cry or scream.
    • c 1573, attested by J. Raine
      at what tyme the said Herrison wyfe gave a skrike.
    • 1824, Allan's Tynside Songs, p. 182
      Aw gav a skrike.
  2. (UK, dialect) The missel thrush.


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  1. Scream (to make the sound of a scream).

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