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slash +‎ zine


slashzine (plural slashzines)

  1. A zine that publishes slash fiction.
    • 1994, "William James Moyer", Sinclair vs. Avon (?!) (on newsgroup
      There's also a healthy B7 [Blake's 7] slashzine community.
    • 1998, Cheryl Harris, Alison Alexander, Theorizing fandom: fans, subculture, and identity
      Slashzines based on Dark Shadows characters are rare; most Dark Shadows fans have never even heard of them.
    • 2000, "Rez", New Napster Software but for DOOM LEVELS (on newsgroup
      That's why all the SW [Star Wars] slashzines are pubbed underground -- there is no sex, let alone kinky sex, in the SW universe, and by damn LucasArts is gonna see that it stays that way!