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Originally South African slang, borrowed from Afrikaans slenter (scam) from Dutch schlenter (trick)


slinter (plural slinters)

  1. (New Zealand, South Africa, Australia) A scam or deception; fast one.
    • 1929, New Zealand Railways Magazine - Volume 4:
      Ah, never a mother's love they'll rob, By working a slinter — s'elp me Bob!
    • 1976, Frank Sargeson, Sunset Village, page 30:
      ...or he might work a slinter if you gave him half a chance .
    • 1976, New Zealand. Parliament, Parliamentary Debates. House of Representatives:
      It may be able to work a slinter on the young people who will now have to carry the burden of this extra taxation.
    • 2018, Anna Rogers, With Them Through Hell, →ISBN, page 14:
      Front-line men like Gray would come to feel that some 'drafted to Stationary and Base Hopitals and Hosp. Ships... work all manner of "slinters" [tricks] to stay there for the duration' and 'should be given a chance to show their prowess at stretcher bearing and whizband doging...There is absolutely no comparison between the 2 kinds of work.'





  1. present tense of slinta.