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sloe-eyed (not comparable)

  1. Having dark eyes.
    • 1903, Joseph Conrad, F. M. Hueffer, Romance:
      Macdonald's wife was an immensely stout, raven-haired, sloe-eyed, talkative body, the most motherly woman I have ever known.
    • 1917, William MacLeod Raine, chapter 19, in The Sheriff's Son:
      Royal Beaudry carried about with him in his work on the Lazy Double D persistent memories of the sloe-eyed gypsy.
    • 1918, Zane Grey, chapter 35, in The U. P. Trail:
      [S]warthy, sloe-eyed Mexicans, with huge sombreros on their knees, lolled in the shade of a tree.