slop shoot

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Alternative forms[edit]


slop +‎ shoot


slop shoot (plural slop shoots)

  1. (obsolete) A waste disposal shoot.
    • 1878, unknown author, The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, Art, and Finance, J. W. Parker and Son, volume 45, page 518:
      The construction and contents of a particular slop-shoot are thus described by Dr. Whitmore[?]. It was a large space of about 200 feet square, built up at the sides to a considerable height by means of paving stones, so that the liquid matter thrown into it should not escape, and this was filled up to a height of some six feet with what is called the “slop” from the streets.
    • 1961, J P de Haan, Practical shipbuilding: B, A manual for the construction of seagoing merchant ships and war-ships, from series Ships and Marine Engines, volume 3B, page 149:
      In every passageway where the passengers’ cabins are situated, there is a steward’s station. This is a small space provided with a working table with either a fixed or a folding seat, a locker for storing cleaning materials and a slop sink (see section 184) or a slop shoot (see section 166 part I).
    • 1975, Robert Ludlum, The Road to Gandolfo, →ISBN:
      “Mac can drink a whole battalion under a mess hall slop shoot.”

      “Get off it, you chickenfucker! Show that hairy ass you call a face or I'll open the slop-shoot and drop in that fucking lipstick! …”
  2. (US, military) A drinking establishment for US Marines.
    • 1955, FAETUPAC Songbook, song 37 “Meet Me at the Slopshoot” (scan):
      Meet me at the slopshoot
      On the old Wangpoo
      Bring along your dipnet
      There's enough for two.
      We'll have mashed potatoes
      And some Navy stew
      Meet me at the slopshoot
      On the old Wangpoo
    • 1981, testimony of Sergeant Major Crawford, Military Construction Appropriations for 1982: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, page 443:
      The combined club system. I know years ago when I first came in the Marine Corps, I could go down to the slop shoot—that is what we referred to them as in those days; buy a drink for 10 cents; staff sergeants, 15 cents; officers, 20 cents.
    • 2004, November 23, Roger Director, NCIS, season 2, episode 7 “Call of Silence”:
      Ernie Yost: We were in a forty knot gale. The ship was like a roller coaster, up one wave, down the next, and me and Wade were leaning over the railing puking, like we had spent the weekend liberty at the slop shoot.
    • 2011, John Hornung, Private 1543868, chapter “November 10. We are Going to Celebrate!”:
      “I have an announcement to make. After tonight’s dance, there will be free beer for all Marines in the slop-shoot.” The slop-shoot is a Marine nickname for the enlisted men’s club. … Some of the Marines had convinced a few of the gals to head to the slop-shoot with them. I hung around for a half hour until the tug of the 3.2 beer dragged me in the direction of the slop-shoot. Off I went.
    • 2012, Thomas L. Little, A Lonesome Warrior, →ISBN, chapter 7 “Liberty Call”:
      We would get a one-page typed reply, and we would go to the slop-shoot and editorialize over several cans of beer.