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  1. (nonstandard) past participle of slow
    • 2008 June 13, Fred Weston, "Irish government loses vote in EU referendum"
      The latest forecasts are that early this year this had slown to around 2%, but it could slow further as the Irish economy is heavily dependent on exports both to the USA and the rest of the European Union.
    • 2010, Amy Hempel, "Offertory" The Dog of the Marriage p.113 (Simon and Schuster) [[[Special:BookSources/1451604009|→ISBN]]]
      'Time has slown down.' It was like this woman was getting just as slown down as I was, even though she never touched the stuff.
    • 2012 July 13, Associated Press, "Chinese economy hits three-year low" The Guardian (London)
      China's economic growth has slown down for eight quarters, the longest slowdown since the government began reporting such data in 1992, according Yu Bin, a cabinet researcher.