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smiley face (plural smiley faces)

  1. A simplified drawing of a smiling face, using two dots for the eyes and an arc for the mouth.
  2. (rare) A smiley.
    • 2002, Lisa Malia McDonough, Lisa, the Brief Life of a Writer, p. 136,
      Enter the smiley face, the computer hacker's version of comic relief.
    • 2005, Craig Cornwell, Whoops! There Goes the Neighbourhood, p. 20,
      Two minutes later a reply came back.
      Cool, see you tomorrow...x
      Campbell sent back a smiley face, did a little dance around the bedroom and flopped back onto his bed wearing a smiley face of his own.
    • 2007, C. N. Barton, The Cambridge Diaries: A Tale of Friendship, Love And Economics, p. 94,
      Against Mary Jane's wishes, I texted Gavin just to reassure him that I was not going out with his girlfriend. I put a smiley face at the end of the message.