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A snakefly, Phaeostigma major
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From snake +‎ fly.


snakefly (plural snakeflies)

  1. Any insect of the order Raphidioptera.
    • 1997, Charles S. Henry, 11: Modern mating systems in archaic Holometabola: sexuality in neuropterid insects, Jae C. Choe, Bernard J. Crespi (editors), The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids, page 196,
      Although sexual behavior is not well studied in the order, observations exist for members of both snakefly families.
    • 2009, David Hugh Kattes, Insects of Texas: a Practical Guide, page 109,
      Adult snakeflies stalk their prey in a manner similar to snakes. When an insect comes within reach, the snakefly will strike, catching the victim with its jaws.
    • 2012, Jogeir N. Stokland, Juha Siitonen, Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Biodiversity in Dead Wood, page 239,
      The order snakeflies (Raphidioptera) consists predominantly of saproxylic predators (Aspöck, 2002). Snakeflies have an almost worldwide distribution, mostly occurring in temperate regions and in mountainous areas closer to the equator.