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snapper +‎ head, possibly a reference to the appearance of snapper's heads frequently used as bait.


snapperhead (plural snapperheads)

  1. (slang) a dumbbell; a knucklehead.
    • 1867, Australian capers: or, Christopher Cockle's colonial experience, John Richard Howlding, page 377 [1]:
      'Hallo, shipmate ! who are you ? And what the blessing do you want here ?' demanded the sailor, starting up in a fighting attitude. 'Back out of this, I say, Mr. Snapperhead, or whatever your name is...'
    • 2002, Destiny of the Soul, Heywood Steele, ISBN 0595215947, page 198:
      "'What, and interrupt me again? Bring it to me, snapper head.'"
    • 2005, Seth King, Triangles, ISBN 1413471714, page 456:
      "'Get off of me, snapperhead!' grunted Rhett."
    • 2007, Race the Rising Sun, Eric Steeves, ISBN 158832172X, page 302 [2]:
      "From thirty feet away, Fletcher yelled 'Hey, Snapperhead! What the fuck are you doing?'"