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  1. present participle of snap


snapping (plural snappings)

  1. The sound or action of a snap.
    • 1947, Karl August Boman, Temporomandibular joint arthrosis and its treatment by extirpation of the disk
      Snappings, audible or palpable, were noted in 45 cases (77 per cent). They were either heard in the course of the examination (about half), or were mentioned in the anamnesis.
  2. The act of snapping at, or speaking sharply to, somebody.
    • Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son
      There is a snaky gleam in her hard grey eye, as of anticipated rounds of buttered toast, relays of hot chops, worryings and quellings of young children, sharp snappings at poor Berry, and all the other delights of her Ogress's castle.