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snark +‎ -tastic


  • IPA(key): /snɑːkˈtæstɪk/


snarktastic (comparative more snarktastic, superlative most snarktastic)

  1. Very snarky, especially in an appealing or entertaining way.
    • 2006, Marijke Rowland, "Spicy, Dicey Kathy Griffin Dishes Hysterical Dirt", The Modesto Bee, 21 April 2006:
      By the time she made it to the mic the audience was ready to eat every snarktastic morsel from the palm of her hand.
    • 2008, Alexa Young, Frenemies, HarperTeen (2008), →ISBN, age 177:
      They loved her snarktastic attack on Halley—some people were even asking for Halley to write a response in her next column.
    • 2009, Joshua Alston, "Fall TV Preview: EHarmony Edition", Newsweek, 20 September 2009:
      One of the most promising new comedies of the fall, Community stars the snarktastic Joel McHale as a disgraced lawyer who returns to community college for a chance at a new life.
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