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snot +‎ ball


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snotball (plural snotballs)

  1. (slang) A ball of mucus ejected from the mouth.
    • 2002, Joseph C. Becker III, Eric A. Zilli, Twilight: The Waning Days of Youth (page 6)
      Without turning, Mike bent his head down just in time to avoid a huge snotball meant for his skull. Instead, a freshman a few feet away was the recipient of the unwholesome mucous present.
    • 2006, Brad Bauer, Hitting in the Clutch (page 69)
      Fischer sees it and gets red in the face, then hawks up a snotball and spits at my cleat. It hits dead on, and I shove him on the bench. He shoves me back, and I stand up.
  2. A term of abuse.
    • 2007, Doug Lambeth, Itchy Donner (page 160)
      Don't it bother you that Jason Bent and those other little snotballs treat him like a doormat?