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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of snow +‎ hurricane.


snowicane (plural snowicanes)

  1. (meteorology) A hurricane or other such tropical storm which precipitates snow.
    • 1993, American Philatelic Association, The American philatelist:
      This was the The giant storm — dubbed a “Snowicane” — was coming up the East Coast like a steamroller in overdrive.
    • 1994, Chinese literature:
      The snowicane that had raged for three days and three nights had left him as bad off as the pheasants, and it wasn't any easier for him to allay his hunger pains in the vast wasteland of snow than it was for them.
    • 2010,
      [...] it’s nice to think about baseball in the calm before the snow-ricane we are about to allegedly have.
    • 2011, Todd Starnes, Dispatches from Bitter America:
      It's pretty apparent that Craig the weatherman was not in my Brooklyn neighborhood because we had a full-blown snowicane.