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snug +‎ -ery


snuggery (plural snuggeries)

  1. (now uncommon) A comfortable room or dwelling.
    • 1880, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), Roughing It[1]:
      The accustomed coach life began again, now, and by midnight it almost seemed as if we never had been out of our snuggery among the mail sacks at all.
    • 1883, Jennie Maria (Drinkwater) Conklin, Miss Prudence[2]:
      She would go home to her own snuggery, with Linnet to share it, with a relieved mind if John Holmes might be taken into a family.
    • 1895, Le Gallienne, Richard, The Book-Bills of Narcissus[3]:
      A purchaser for one of those aforesaid treatises on farriery just then coming in, dislodged us; so, bidding Samuel good-bye--he and Narcissus already arranging for 'a night'--we obeyed a mutual instinct, and presently found ourselves in the snuggery of a quaint tavern, which was often to figure hereafter in our sentimental history, though probably little in these particular chapters of it.
    • 1916, Padraic Colum, Three Plays[4]:
      He moves across ward, and goes out on door of corridor) TOURNOUR Well, you're not getting back to your snuggery, my oul' cod.
    • 1921, Joseph Smith Fletcher, The Borough Treasurer[5]:
      Bent was with Lettie when Cotherstone got home, and Cotherstone presently got the two of them into a little snuggery which he kept sacred to himself as a rule.
    • 2009 September 27, Liesl Schillinger, “Probing the Charred Ruins of Romance”, in New York Times[6]:
      As so often happens in the retelling of grand and not-so-grand amours alike, her re-creation of the affair is trite and teeny-boppery, an effect magnified by her inclusion of scrapbook snapshots — her puffy first boyfriend (“giving up my virginity was special”); a 1972 wedding snap of “Sheryl and Ronnie” (they are still married); a shot of the Upper East Side snuggery where she and Bernie hooked up; and a collage of the “iconic” lipstick building where she and Bernie first met.