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softspoken (comparative more softspoken, superlative most softspoken)

  1. Alternative form of soft-spoken.
    • 1991, Gene M. Burnett, “Black Star out of Jacksonville: Native Son Achiever James Weldon Johnson was Lawyer, Educator, Composer, Author, Diplomat, and National Black Leader”, in Florida’s Past: People and Events that Shaped the State, volume 3, Sarasota, Fla.: Pineapple Press, OCLC 24686909, section I (Achievers and Pioneers), pages 62–63:
      In fact, this educator, lawyer, editor, composer, author, poet, and diplomat [James Weldon Johnson] would become a sturdy fulcrum for black America's transition in 1916 from the softspoken conformity and accommodation of the Booker T. Washington era to a vigorous militant idealism that targeted no less than full equality.