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sorb +‎ -ability


sorbability (countable and uncountable, plural sorbabilities)

  1. The degree to which something can absorb and/or adsorb
    • 1967, Viktor Mikhaĭlovich Vdovenko, Coprecipitation and Adsorption of Radioactive Elements, page 189:
      The data in Figure 1 show that as the HF concentration is increased the sorbability of uranium on both resins first increases and then remains constant.
    • 2012, Vladimir V. Rachinskii, The General Theory of Sorption Dynamics and Chromatography, →ISBN:
      Now, according to the conditions of the problem, the substances of the mixture possess different sorbabilities.
    • 2012, Shimson Belkin, Environmental Challenges, →ISBN, page 137:
      The compound has become extremely controversial as a result of its high water solubility and low sorbability on soil.

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