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sovranty (countable and uncountable, plural sovranties)

  1. (obsolete) Alternative form of sovereignty
    • 1887, John Pentland Mahaffy, Arthur Gilman, The Story of Alexander's Empire, page 73:
      All the other kings, whose heads were full with their newly acquired sovranties, viz., Antiochus in Asia and Ptolemy II. in Egypt, joined with Keraunos in buying off the dangerous Pyrrhus, by bribes of men, money, and elephants, to make his expedition to Italy, and leave them to settle their affairs.
    • 1938, George Derwent Thomson, The Oresteia of Aeschlyus - Volume 2, page 235:
      Oh fie, Earth; shame, infernal sovranties!
    • 1980, Virgil, translated by Barriss Mills, The Eclogues of Vergil, page 176:
      Others more truly explain it of Hesiod, who lived in Kyme, a city of Asia, and, like the Sibyl, wrote the succession of the reigns of the gods and said that there were diverse heavenly sovranties; first came that of Saturn, which was golden, then that of Iuppiter, which was of silver, next of Neptune, which was bronze, and finally of Apollo, which was of iron.