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sparagrass (uncountable)

  1. Obsolete form of asparagus.
    • 1725, [Noël] Chomel, “SYRUP”, in R[ichard] Bradley, editor, Dictionaire Oeconomique: Or, The Family Dictionary. [], in Two Volumes, [], volume II (I–Z), London: [] D[aniel] Midwinter, [], OCLC 991191027, column 1:
      To have Syrup of Succory compounded with Rhubarb; Take ſome whole Barley-Corns, the Roots of Smallage, Fennel, and Sparagraſs, with some white crude Tartar, of each two Ounces; two Leaves of Succory, Dandelion, Endive or Scariole, ſmooth Sow-Thiſtle, common Lettice, and Sage []