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spatial +‎ -ize


spatialize (third-person singular simple present spatializes, present participle spatializing, simple past and past participle spatialized)

  1. (transitive, music, art) To localize sounds in physical space.
    • 2007 July 8, Bernard Holland, “Don’t Let Words Get in the Way”, in New York Times[1]:
      On things that change as they move, Mr. Lelong writes, “when the composer spatializes a sound object — whether it is a chord, a motif or a rhythm — the sound object that is set in motion evolves, or to put it another way, the motion stimulated by the compositional process transforms the object, whereas previously works of spatial music merely give an impression of the same object moving unchanged through space.”
  2. (transitive, sociology) To place into a physical or geographical context.

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