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speed +‎ cube (to solve a Rubik's cube, verb)


speedcube (plural speedcubes)

  1. A puzzle identical in form and function to a Rubik's Cube but often having a different internal mechanism, and designed for optimal speed of use.


speedcube (third-person singular simple present speedcubes, present participle speedcubing, simple past and past participle speedcubed)

  1. (rare) To engage in speedcubing, the sport of solving a Rubik's Cube at high speed
    • 2005, July 27, “Ray Marshall”, in Squaring up to the Rubik challenge[1]:
      Then somebody, not much bigger than a tot, comes along and speedcubes it to perfection.
    • 2007, May 6, Rubik's Cube challenges new generation[2]:
      He said it took about eight hours for him to teach Will Smith how to speedcube, and, yes, "He really solves it in the movie."

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