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spelt +‎ meal


speltmeal (uncountable)

  1. (rare) A coarse flour made of spelt.
    • 1846, John Beckmann, A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins, volume 1, page 164:
      On the other hand, a moderate soaking, which requires experience and attention, is useful, and is employed in preparing the finest kinds of flour, such as the Frankfort, Augsburg and Ulm speltmeal, which is exported to distant countries.
    • 1900, John Bostock, The Natural History of Pliny[1], volume 2, translation of original by Pliny, page 537:
      A feather also is inserted, and passed across through the nostrils, care being taken to move it every day; while their food consists of leeks mixed with speltmeal, or else is first soaked in water in which an owlet has been dipped, or boiled together with the seeds of the white vine.
    • 1962, Theodora Du Bois, Captive of Rome, page 103:
      Following Pliny's advice, I shall dip it into water, pound up leeks, mix them with speltmeal, and add these and the owlet water to the lees of white wine.