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From spier ‎(muscle) +‎ versterken ‎(to strengthen).


spierversterken ‎(past singular [please provide], past participle [please provide])

  1. to strengthen one's muscles
  • (-) Spierversterken in je dagelijks leven. [1]
To strengthen your muscles in your daily life.
  • (1988) Spierversterken en spierrekken met elektrische stroom. [2]
To strengthen and stretch your muscles with electrical current.
  • (2012) Excentrisch spierversterken verdient lichte voorkeur (...). [3]
To strengthen your muscles in a excentric way deserves a slight preference (...).

Usage notes[edit]

The verb is defective and is normally not conjugated.


This verb needs an inflection-table template.


spierversterken n ‎(uncountable)

  1. muscle strengthening

Derived terms[edit]