spill one's guts

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spill one's guts

  1. (slang, idiomatic) To confess, or to divulge secrets, typically speaking freely and at length after a change of motive or an incentive.
    At first, the suspect would not tell us anything about the other participants in the crime. But after being offered a deal, he spilled his guts.
    Synonym: spill the beans
  2. (slang, idiomatic) To vomit.
    • 1994 Garth Battista, The runner's literary companion: great stories and poems about running, Breakaway Books, p102
      He suddenly wanted to vomit, to spill his guts right here on Lake Street in front of the thousands watching.
    • 2006 Arthur Roberts, The Sorcerer's Song and the Cat's Meow, p167
      A stench preceded a green cloud that almost caused the wizard to spill his guts.
    • 2007 Joyce Sterling Scarbrough, Different Roads, Stonehedge Publishing
      But the sudden motion combined with the inhuman amount of whiskey he’d consumed must’ve gotten to him, because he started to look green and made a dive for the side of the bed to spill his guts.

Usage notes[edit]

As with all reflexive forms, this may be used with any pronoun, as I spilled my guts, he spilled his guts, they spilled their guts etc.