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Blend of splendid +‎ eloquent. First known use in 1848.


splendiloquent (comparative more splendiloquent, superlative most splendiloquent)

  1. Splendid
    • 1848, May, “Portfire (pseudonym)”, in Shots from an Old Six-Pounder, No. VII[1], page 93:
      After a long absence, D—— returned with a still longer face, and, after some hesitation, informed us that the whole of our baggage, including S——'s splendiloquent Scheidam, on whose restorative powers we had so much reckoned, was lost : so that we were obliged to content ourselves, after all, with the ration-biscuit D—— carried in his haversack, and the water we had in our canteens.
    • 1959, William Gibson, The Miracle Worker, Simon and Schuster (2002), ISBN 978-0-7434-5758-3, Act I, page 21:
      ANNIE: Oh, my eyes feel hundreds of per cent better already, and pretty, why, do you know how I look in them? Spendiloquent. Like a race horse!
    • 2001 November 17, November 3, “Zenith Nadir”, in Re: ok, you know who i AM friends with?, Usenet[2]:
      I saw her new doo[sic] at Fergie's yesternight and it was splendiloquent.
  2. Splendidly eloquent
    • a. 1971, Sydney Bernard Smith, "Invocation", in The Book of Shannow, Lulu.com (2007), ISBN 978-190310503-0, page 10:
      Aid me now and forever Ye Juxtapositional Muses!
      And especially Tusa, splendiloquent Dinneen!
      hero of the fortuitous, commander of the unlikely,
      first citizen of the joyous lexical state!
    • 2006, Nigel J. Jamieson, “The Ubiquitous Book Review”, in Law & Critique[3], number 2, page 218:
      Tirelessly swimming through de Quincy’s ‘department of impassioned prose,’ either in splendiloquent support of some new work or in dismissal of its shortcomings, is vouchsafed to few reviewers.

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