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splocket (plural splockets)

  1. Alternative spelling of sprocket
    1. (elliptically and in attributive use as “splocket wheel”) A wheel with projections from its rim that fit and interact with the links of a chain.
      • 1883, United States Association of Charcoal Iron Workers, Journal IV, page 325
        The screens are connected by chain belts and splocket wheels, so that the bottom screen drives the other two.
      • 1971, American Import & Export Bulletin LXXIV–LXXV, page 197
        Derailleurs, caliper brakes, drum brakes, three-speed hubs not incorporating coaster brakes, click twist grips, click stick levers, multiple freewheel splockets.
    2. (carpentry, building, , and architecture) A triangular timber frame.
      • 1898, Frank William Macey, Specifications in Detail, pages 162⁽¹⁾ and 175⁽²⁾
        ⁽¹⁾ Common and jack rafters…with cut wrought ends at overhanging eaves, and wrought splocket (cock) pieces.
        ⁽²⁾ See clauses Nos. 75, 77 to 89, and 91 to 99, for any other parts to the roof which may be required, such as tilting fillets, splockets, boarding, fascia, eaves soffits and other items.
      • 1904, Augustine C. Passmore, Handbook of Technical Terms Used in Architecture and Building and Their Allied Trades and Subjects, page 328
        Sprocket, Splocket. A triangular piece of timber.
      • 1905, Sir Reginald Theodore Blomfield, Studies in Architecture, page 218
        At the base of the ribs splockets (“coiaux”) were attached to complete the curve and carry off the water. The ribs were checked out for the top of the splockets, which were also held together by liernes and keys.
      • 1970, Osvald Sirén, A History of Early Chinese Art III–IV, page 64
        The under rafters are quite heavy and cut at right-angles. The upper ones are prolonged and curved up by jointing far-projecting splockets.