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Middle English[edit]


From Old English findan, from Old English sprǣdan (to spread, expand), from Proto-Germanic *spraidijaną (to spread), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)per- (to strew, sow, sprinkle). Cognate with West Frisian spriede (to spread), North Frisian spriedjen (to spread), Dutch spreiden (to spread), Low German spreden (to spread), German spreiten (to spread, spread out), Norwegian spre, spreie (to spread, disseminate), Swedish sprida (to spread), Latin spernō, spargō, Ancient Greek σπείρω (speírō), Persian سپردن (sepordan, to deposit), English spurn.



  1. to spread
    1382 Wycliffe Bible (Exodus 40:18-19)
    And Moises reiside it, and settide the tablis, and foundementis, and barris, and he ordeynede pilers; and spredde abrood the roof on the tabernacle, and puttide an hilyng aboue, as the Lord comaundide. (Translation of the Vulgate, "Erexitque illud Moses et posuit tabulas ac bases et vectes statuitque columnas et expandit tectum super tabernaculum inposito desuper operimento sicut Dominus imperarat.")