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Blend of spring +‎ summer


sprummer (uncountable)

  1. Transition period between spring and summer: late spring.
    • 1963, Encore - Issues 41-52, page 47:
      SPRUMMER is the Tavistock Repertory Company's season between April and July at the TOWER THEATRE
    • 1991, Northwest Energy News:
      Spring and summer chinook ("sprummer" chinook to the National Marine Fisheries Service) hang on at critically low levels that represent irretrievable loss of invaluable genetic diversity.
    • 2011 April, Katie Duncan, “Sprinting into sprummer”, in Australian Geographic:
    • 2013, John Charles Ryan, Toward a phen (omen) ology of the seasons: The emergence of the Indigenous Weather Knowledge Project (IWKP):
      Revising and reassigning the antipodean seasons, he divides spring into a two-month “sprinter” (August–September) and two-month “sprummer” (October–November).
    • 2014, Timothy Entwisle, Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia's Changing Seasons[1], page 83:
      So, while the changes are different from those on the coast, sprinter with its early bulbs and sprummer with the local waratah are useful times to reflect on seasonal changes in the Blue Mountains.
    • 2016 March, Roger Farrow, “Field trips spring to summer (sprummer)”, in Journal (Australian Native Plants Society. Canberra Region, volume 18, number 7:

Coordinate terms[edit]