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squush (third-person singular simple present squushes, present participle squushing, simple past and past participle squushed)

  1. Alternative spelling of sqush


squush (plural squushes)

  1. A squashing or squelching sound.
    • 1949, William Beebe, High Jungle
      A few yards downstream was a stretch of sloping rock and moss, and here all clamor ceased: only the close-placed ear could detect the muffled squush.



  1. A squashing or squelching sound.
    • 1942, Elizabeth Vernon Hubbard, Your Children at School, How They Adjust and Develop
      Some men in the cellar were mixing mortar in trays with hoes. We watched them put sand and cement and lime and water together. Squush!
    • 1972, Charlotte Baker, Cockleburr Quarters
      They looked down at the ants and other bugs they saw and felt enormously big and powerful. They pretended the bugs were people. "Got me a dozen!" Squush.