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stall feed (third-person singular simple present stall feeds, present participle stall feeding, simple past and past participle stall fed)

  1. Alternative form of stall-feed
    • 1939, John C. Fitzpatrick, The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources 1745-1799, page 265:
      And to these I might add, as a matter of no less concern and astonishment, that it is idle and vain for me to attempt to stall feed any kind of Meats; when I have only my expence for my trouble, without a joint of meat which is fit to appear at.
    • 1981, B. N. Gupta, Dairy Cattle Feed Resources and Feeding Practices in the Northeastern States, page 66:
      Some of the cattle, owners having the crossbreds and graded Sindhi cattle, however, stall feed their animals.
    • 1984, Cornelia Butler Flora, Animals in the Farming System:
      As people stall feed through the years, or if they are wealthier to begin with, the money is used to build houses and buy metal roof sheets, or to buy bicycles, ox-carts and breeding cows.
    • 2013, Ian D. Rotherham, Cultural Severance and the Environment:
      He recommended restriction in pastoral pursuit until such time as “people have learnt to breed better stock, to grow fodder crops and cut hay instead of grass and to stall feed where pasture is insufficient”.


stall feed (uncountable)

  1. Fodder that is used to stall-feed livestock.
    • 1892, Report of the British Columbia Dept. of Agriculture:
      It is attributed by some to the use of clover hay as stall feed; but as the cattle run in the bush during the summer, and are only fed in winter, this does not strike me as being probable, and you will be doing a great service to myself and others by giving any information upon the subject.
    • 1935, Theodor Brikmann, Murray Reed Benedict, Mrs. Elizabeth (Tucker) Benedict, Economics of the Farm Business, page 70:
      Meadows and pastures are fertility-producing types of production, especially the former because they produce stall feed.
    • 1999, Azra Meadows, P. S. Meadows, The Indus River: Biodiversity, Resources, Humankind, page 40:
      Alternatives to mangrove foliage as stall feed and feed supplements for livestock need to be found and there is hope in the current research being carried out in Pakistan (Saifullah, 1984).