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stated +‎ -ly


statedly (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) At stated times; regularly.
    • 1745, P. Doddridge, The Life of Col. James Gardiner[1]:
      As his family increased, he had a minister statedly resident in his house, who discharged both the office of a tutor to his children, and of a chaplain, and who was always treated with a becoming kindness and respect.
    • 1836, American Anti-Slavery Society, The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus[2]:
      They were statedly instructed in morality and religion.
    • 1889, Minerva Brace Norton, In and Around Berlin[3]:
      Opposite the windows was a large range, on which the dinner for the family and for various ladies who statedly dine in the institution was cooking.
    • 1900, Legh Richmond, The Annals of the Poor[4]:
      She expressed a trust that the Lord would overrule both the death of her sister and the personal acquaintance with me that resulted from it, to a present and future good, as it respected herself, and also her parents, with whom she statedly lived, and to whom she expected to return in a few days.


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