station sedan

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station sedan (plural station sedans)

  1. (US, Australia, obsolete) A station wagon.
    • 1948, American Machinist, Volume 92, Issues 1-5, page 72,
      July 11, 1946, the first station wagon went into production. It has the familiar Jeep “front-end look” with radiator grid, bonnet, front fenders, cowl, dash, windshield assembly and door assemblies identical with those in panel delivery, 2- and 4-wheel drive trucks and the new station sedan.
    • 1949 April 18, Advertisement, Life, page 120,
      The ‘Jeep’ Station Sedan combines the luxurious riding ease of a sedan with the spaciousness of a station-wagon.
    • 1975, South Australian Supreme Court, The South Australian State Reports, Volume 12, page 405,
      He noticed somebody come running around the corner and to the side of the station sedan nearer to the kerb, and get in.
    • 1993, Paul B. Kidd, Never to Be Released, 2001, Pan Macmillan Australia, unnumbered page,
      Police throughout Australia were alerted to keep a lookout for a white or cream 1973–74 Holden Kingswood station sedan.