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step off (third-person singular simple present steps off, present participle stepping off, simple past and past participle stepped off)

  1. (separable) To measure by steps or paces; hence, to divide (a space), or to form a series of marks, by successive measurements, as with dividers.
    He measured the garden by stepping it off.
  2. (African-American Vernacular, inseparable) To avoid a conflict; to back down
    You had better step off, man...
  3. (inseparable) Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see step,‎ off.
    He stepped off the train.
    • 2022 January 12, Paul Bigland, “Fab Four: the nation's finest stations: Eastbourne”, in RAIL, number 948, page 27:
      Today, when stepping off the train, you're presented with a bright and airy concourse that's ringed with a variety of facilities.