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divide +‎ -er



divider (plural dividers)

  1. One who or that which divides or separates.
    • 1891, George MacDonald, A Rough Shaking (page 33)
      I was greatly his inferior, but love is a quick divider of shares: he that gathers much has nothing over, and he that gathers little has no lack.
    1. A physical object for dividing up a space.
      • 1980, Robert M. Jones, editor, Walls and Ceilings, Time-Life Books, →ISBN, page 58:
        It is perfectly possible to separate one area of a room from another, or even to create an entirely new room, with a lightweight room divider that assembles with a minimum of fuss.
    2. A piece of card placed in a ring binder to separate groups of documents.
  2. A device resembling a drawing compass and used to transfer measurements of length.
  3. (Britain, US) The median (US) or central reservation (Britain) of a highway or other road where traffic in opposite directions are kept separated.


Norwegian Bokmål[edit]



  1. imperative of dividere