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stevvon (third-person singular simple present stevvons, present participle stevvoning, simple past and past participle stevvoned)

  1. Alternative form of steven
    • 1963, Bill Cowley, A Cleveland anthology: dialect poems from Cleveland and the North Yorkshire Moors:
      Then sez Mattha: "Ah've felted a bottil Aback o' yon cam-dyke near-by, An Ah lay at a sup wad be welcome," An t'rist on us stevvoned oot: "Aye! " Seea Mattha e grobbed iv is jacket, Then let oot 20.
    • 2015, LT Wolf, The Reckoning:
      The amazon saw her and stevvon'd, “Get back upstairs!”

Derived terms[edit]


stevvon (plural stevvons)

  1. Alternative form of steven
    • 1876, F. K. Robinson, Gloss. Words Whitby:
      Your clock strikes with a desperate stevvon.