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Borrowed from German Stolperstein, from stolpern (to stumble) +‎ Stein (stone).


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stolperstein (plural stolpersteins or stolpersteine)

  1. A small, cobblestone-sized memorial for an individual victim of Nazism.
    • 2014 February 7, Evertjan. [username], “One son, Bertram, missed that boat ...”, in soc.culture.jewish.moderated, Usenet[1]:
      A "stolperstein" was put in front of the house, and the scattered diaspora of Bertam's family reunited there.
    • 2014 April 28, Dechucka [username], “Re: Another World-Wide Holohoax Promo”, in aus.politics, Usenet[2]:
      BTW what happened to all those people whose stolpersteins I saw last time in Koln and Berlin and where did the all those Jews,gypsies,[sic] mentally/physically retarded people who were there in 1932 go to?


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