stop the lights

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  • Originated as a catchphrase on the Irish quiz show Quicksilver, where contestants called out "Stop the lights" when they did not know the answer, to prevent loss of prize money for the next questions.


stop the lights

  1. (Ireland, idiomatic) An interjection expressing exasperation or incredulity. or to illustrate the humour in a situation.
    • 2003, Stella Feehily Duck, Page 62.
      Sure, stop the lights, I know all about it. There's a great shop in Phibsboro.Transformations' Any size you want.
    • 2003, Ronan Noone, The Lepers of Baile Baiste, Page 57.
      Oh, stop the lights. The Priest is after parkin' across the street. I think he's comin' over here.