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From strēle (arrow, dart) +‎ -nieks. First mentioned in 17th-century sources, this word corresponds so well in form and meaning to Old East Slavic стрѣльникъ (strělĭnikŭ, archer) that it may have been a calque or borrowing.[1]


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strēlnieks m (1st declension, feminine form: strēlniece)

  1. (military) (male) rifleman, infantryman, infantry soldier
    strēlnieku divīzijainfantry, riflemen division
    strēlnieku ieročiinfantry weapons
    motorizēto strēlnieku karaspēksmotorized infantry troops
    strēnieku dziesmasriflemen songs
    latviešu brīvprātīgo strēlnieku 1. pulks1st. regiment of Latvian voluntary riflemen
  2. (historical) (male) archer (warrior or hunter whose main weapon is a bow (or crossbow) and arrows)
    plecos stops un bultas, strēlnieks kalnos klīstcrossbow and arrows on shoulders, the archer roams in the mountains



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