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  1. plural of straightway


straightways (not comparable)

  1. Synonym of straightway
    • 1844, Thomas Becon, Parker Society, Prayers and Other Pieces of Thomas Becon ..., page 110:
      [] he was straightways received into favour, and heard these most comfortable words at the mouth of Christ:
    • 1914, Lilli Lehmann, My Path Through Life, page 322:
      I accepted this compromise against my will, but was straightways thrown into despair as I saw the swimmers up above, on the evening of our singing, making the most unsuitable movements and doleful or indifferent faces []
    • 2014, Nick May, Molecricket, Energion Publications (→ISBN), page 243:
      I was straightways undone at the thought of Momma and Sarah Obis rattled around inside the flying tin can like a couple rag dolls.