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strategic +‎ -ness


strategicness (uncountable)

  1. The characteristic of being strategic.
    • 1977, Senate Committee on Armed Services, General Stockpile Policy, p. 58:
      The stockpiles have been acquired over the years for reasons of their criticality and strategicness in relation to the national defense.
    • 1991, Linda R. Cohen, Roger G. Noll, The Technology Pork Barrel, p. 35:
      Although market structure and the concept of strategicness might affect the adequacy of R&D, neither is an unambiguous indicator.
    • 1998, James P. Byrnes, The Nature and Development of Decision Making: A Self-Regulation Model, p. 156:
      In addition, several of the school and individual risk factors suggest a general lack of strategicness on the part of adolescents who drink.
    • 2006, Hank Johnston, Paul Almeida, Latin American Social Movements, p. 108:
      I have done this by presenting a method to measure the degree of goal-orientedness and strategicness of claim.