street railway

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A street railway.


  • IPA(key): /stɹiːt-ɹeɪlweɪ/


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street railway (plural street railways)

  1. A tram line; public transportation operating on rails laid in public streets.
    • 1862, John Timbs, The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, St. Martin's Press, Page 67,
      "In the Year-Book of Facts, 1861, pp. 75-80, we described Train's new Street Railway."
    • 1898, Mason Delano Pratt, Charles Ames Alden, Street-railway Roadbed, Street Railway Publishing Company, Page 67,
      "Since street-railway tracks were laid along the lines of other vehicular traffic."
    • 1859, Alexander Easton, A Practical Treatise on Street Or Horse-power Railways, Street Railway Publishing Company, Page 63,
      "In the prosecution of no new work is activity, dispatch, and system in the distribution of material more necessary than in that of a street railway, where the obstruction to travel, the temporary inconvenience to residents on the line of the torn-up street, and consequent danger of infringing[...]"