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sub- +‎ chondritic


subchondritic (not comparable)

  1. (planetology, of an elemental ratio) Less than that found in a typical chondrite.
    • 1979, International Aerospace Abstracts, page 3096:
      According to the model, a magma ocean that differentiated chiefly at low pressure and contained 6-8 wt% A1203 and a subchondritic Ca/Al ratio probably formed the lunar crust.
    • 1999, David Dillon Lambert, Application of radiogenic isotopes to ore deposit research and exploration, page 35:
      The subcontinental lithospheric mantle as a mantle reservoir may be modeled by the time-integrated growth of radiogenic 187Os along retarded (subchondritic) Re/Os trajectories, which results in subchondritic Os isotope compositions.
    • 2016, Hidenori Terasaki, Deep Earth: Physics and Chemistry of the Lower Mantle and Core[1]:
      If all the Ag were delivered prior to the main phase, the core segregation by about 30 Ma when the Earth was 90% accreted, then a subchondritic 107Ag/109Ag would be expected because of strong depletion of siderophile element Pd in the in the silicate Earth.

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