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sub- +‎ clone


subclone (plural subclones)

  1. (genetics) A clone or descendant of a mutant occurring in a previous clone
    • 1997, Vinken & Bruyn, editors, Handbook of Clinical Neurology: Neuro-Oncology[1], →ISBN, page 17:
      During this process it is possible that additional mutations occur in one of the transformed cells, which then may result in a subclone of cells with a more aggressive behavior.
  2. (genetics, molecular biology) A partial segment of DNA, cloven from a previously-cloned segment, which is then cloned into another vector
    • 1999, Natalie Angier, Natural Obsessions[2], →ISBN, page 192:
      While Shelly was away from the lab, Rene decided that it would be easier to divide the lengthy segment into smaller pieces, or subclones, and to insert each fraction into plasmids, little circles of DNA and protein.

Derived terms[edit]


subclone (third-person singular simple present subclones, present participle subcloning, simple past and past participle subcloned)

  1. (genetics) To reclone part of a previously-cloned DNA segment into a new vector
    • 2002, Gurbichan S. Miglani, Advanced Genetics[3], →ISBN, page 84:
      (1) from the genomic library a clone of interest is selected and a small fragment is subcloned from one end of the clone

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