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sub- +‎ doxastic


subdoxastic (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to what underlies the formation of beliefs or opinions.
    • 2008 Jan. 30, Lisa Warenski, “Naturalism, fallibilism, and the a priori”, Philosophical Studies, vol. 142, no. 3:
      And to the extent we understand what an empirical justification is, we can contrast it with a non-empirical justification or a justification that is constituted by the operations of reason (or subdoxastic reasoning processes) upon previously-acquired concepts.
    • 2008 Sep. 12, Hamid Vahid, “Experience and the Space of Reasons: The Problem of Non-Doxastic Justification”, Erkenntnis, vol. 69, no. 3:
      But this does not square well with Reynolds' explanation of the way we arrive at our justified beliefs in terms of sub-skills that involve rule-governed subdoxastic processes and states whose contents are, by definition, not phenomenologically salient.