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suck +‎ pint


suck-pint (plural suck-pints)

  1. (dated) A drunkard.
    • 1611, Cotgrave, Randle, A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues, page HVI-HVM:
      Humeux: m. A ſucke-pinte or ſwill-pot; a notable drunkard.
    • 1903, Henley, William Ernest, Henry Fielding; republished in Essays[1], London: Macmillan and Co., 1921, page 33:
      As he was back in London 'in the first months of 1736,' running 'the little French theatre in the Haymarket,' and 'the Great Mogul's Company of Comedians' [] , and producing Pasquin, Murphy's 'three years' of 'entertainments, hounds, and horses' gets so hard a knock that, if we had not all been brought up (as it were) in the strong persuasion that Fielding was a squandering suck-pint, it would, I believe, have been held long since a common lie.


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